About Us

“Atrics Group” is one of the leading Ukrainian headwear manufacturers. For more than 15 years we please our clients with stylish and high-quality production using all our experience, knowledge and, of course, love to what we do. In recent years, we’ve deployed sophisticated tools, developed our own special style and hired a team of professionals doing everything to make our production correspond the highest world standards and meet the requirements of the most capricious clients.

Nowadays headwear of “Atrics Group” has found deserved popularity in Ukraine and abroad. No surprise, considering the use of the best materials, up-to-date equipment and labor of qualified employees for creating our every single product.

“Atrics Group” company owns three officially registered trademarks: “Zolly”, “Atrics” and “Hattson”. “Zolly” is a budget line, while “Atrics” is more expensive. But production of both has beautiful design and appropriate quality. “Hattson” is our premium-class production: it’s made of highest quality Italian yarn and is designed not only to save from bad weather but also to make you feel comfortable.

We also have what to offer to sportsmen and their fans! One of our key fields is sports attributes: we make headwear, scarfs, masks, baseball caps etc. for teams and fan-clubs.

Modern technologies that we use (e.g. machine embroidery, silk-screen printing, laser beam cutting etc.) allow us to implement the boldest design solutions. So, whatever our product you have, you can be sure, that you own a stylish, practical and high-quality product!

“Atrics Group” works with both individual and wholesale customers. Our every single client can rely on the best quality, service and fast delivery all over Ukraine.